Finally some new GBP!


Only three years have passed since I last updated this site.  The funny thing is that I think about it all the time, as I drive through Seattle and see the hordes of God Blessers hanging on the corners.  I usually have my camera with me to document their sneaky ways, but it was abducted against its will.  I am back in action and give you a few locals!

Here we find a power duo of begging machines.  They are positioned outside the local Target shopping center which is replete with Mercs and Lexii and such extravagances of the upscale residents of Issaquah.  These guys know their marks well.  They sit on each side of the entry way to the complex and stare straight ahead.  Notice their signs both mention a 2-year old daughter, both signs bear the same font, both guys have the same hat and sunglasses.  Once in a while a woman comes and they change shifts.

We estimate between the three GBP, they haul in about $110K per year.


Wow!  Even the hoity-toity in Bellevue aren’t safe.  Sleet, snow, wind and the rain… nothing stops this fucking master of the art! I don’t see him around too often, but I am guessing with a light winter season, he can pull $40K tax-free.

A Happy Day in the City!


Taking one look on that woman’s face tells us a lot.  It says she is digging it the most!  The sun is out, she has her nicest hat on, and her Mercedes is probably parked in the shade.  I took this picture from the parking lot of The Keg and when I zoomed in on her sign and read that “ANYTHING MAKES A DIFFERENCE” I agreed she was correct and went into The Keg and had a delicious steak lunch with a martini to wash it down.

GBP estimating this sign flier’s annual earnings around $40,000 – $45,000.



If you are chilling about the main Seattle corridor, you may see this handler of the pan displaying what is called in the business, The Ultimate Bummer (see inset).  This visage is adopted usually at the end of a particularly non-productive day.  In this woman’s case, she was bold enough to pull the move early in the day.  She will be rolling in cash money, my friends – GBP estimates her income at a whopping $90,000 +.


>> Jim

I guess it rains down in Issy.


When I came upon this derelict, I attempted to engage in surreptitious surveillance.  Yet, his senses, obviously enhanced by the application of some back-alley amphetamines, detected my intentions and forced him into the act of negotiation.


This photograph cost $2.00.  You see how they do!  GBP estimating this master of deception’s annual earnings around $75,000 – $82,000.

>> Jim

Dude Fuckin’


I just noticed I have not been updating this site!  Why?  Because I have a very busy job and other websites to manage.  And with the winter weather here in the PAC N.W. it has not been good GBP-hunting.  But now that the sun came out for 45 hours in one week, I steal the words of Michael Parks in Red State, “Come on!”

All I got fer ye this update is a poor soul, certainly who has not been with woman for many years.  He was caught walking the onramp onto Coal Creek Parkway.  I hadda use what I could, what I had.  The cell-phone camera.  Pure shite.  Look at the pixellation, look at the poor compression scheme used by the Android OS.

Yet, I feel that a better camera would not have helped this cur’s cause.  He is a scammer, and as such should be relegated to the depths of our deepest dungeons for radical medical experiments.  Judging by the time of day and time of the year and some other occult factors, we have estimated this urchin’s yearly income to be around $42,000.


Please remember to send us your own pics, letting us know where you are hunting the God Bless People!

>> Jim

Addendum to blog entry #1

I neglected in the first blog entry to post the charter member of the God Bless People galleries. Being that we are based in Seattle, our initial gallery images will be from this area. We are however reaching out to our brothers and sisters in the South of California for some content from that glowing pit of hell.

Our charter member from Exit 10 of I-405 in Bellevue, WA.


Don’t forget all y’all, you are part of this site! If you see GBP in your area flying signs or engaging in general shenanigans, drop them two bits and snap a pic. Send it to us along with your first name (or pseudonym) and the city they are “working.” Check the CONTACT link for more information.

>> Jim

Why are we here?

No, this is not some existential query to the great unknown. This is the GPB mission statement.

I have spent the last few years traveling to the four corners of our great nation. (That is America for those from other, not-so-great nations.) I have lived in an RV for many months in many states and even stayed for longer in some of them. While I have enjoyed the luxuries of travel and seeing the myriad wonders of my “inherited” homeland, others are not so fortunate.

Indeed there was no place, not a one from sea to shining (or foggy) sea, where I did not see the phenomenon now known as the God Bless People. While appearing genuine and sincere, even at times endearing, it is our contention that the phenomenon may harbor a deeper current of untruthfulness.

Always ones to cast the skeptical eye at any given paradigm, we at wish to challenge our visitors to do the same.

The execution of the GodBlessPeople agenda is as simple as Forrest fucking Gump: we feature images contributed by the people of Earth, of the people of Earth, for the people of Earth; you are the source for our content, content which we hope will shed light on the phenomenon of the God Bless People.

More to come…

>> Jim